About us

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Since 40 years, the Bouraouine Group work and shape the town and countryplanning tools of our kingdom. Would it be in urban or country side, our know how gained during all these years and our mastership in metallurgy built the necessary infrastructure equipments of our country.

Indeed, today our products are used by all Moroccans in roads, water distribution, irrigation and town arrangement.

LOur firm longevity is due to our permanent pursuit of excellency. excellency in our works, excellency in our relationships with our partners would they be customers or suppliers, excellency in our brand image and reputation in the local market as well as the others markets abroad and last but not least, excellency in our capability to anticipatechanges and evolutions in our market field for the future.

On this basis, we early took the globalisation train by getting involved in a whole inovating and quality process. Some of our inovations are registred models and considered standards in this matter.

the Choice of our partners followsa logical exchange and positionning strategy in a long way, their prestige is associated to our long experience in the field of metals and our deep knowledge of the moroccan and african market needs.